Monday, October 12, 2009

How Far Did I Get? Where will I be going?

It’s important to determine progress. It lets you know whether to set a new course to increase effort or to bail out. So what have I accomplished so far / how far did I get?

Networking with gamers
I joined up with Lehigh Valley Gamers on Facebook. They seem to be up and coming in the area and may have potential. This is something I will need to keep my eye on. On a different front, I am going to have lunch with some of the old guys, who I’ve gamed with for a long time or that gamed for a long time.

Be a more gregarious gamer
I’ve been trying (2 follow-ups) to get in with the MEPACON event coordinator for Pathfinder Society to run some events. Not very far yet, but hopefully I will get a more positive response this week. The goal here is to DM at the convention, in the Pathfinder Society. By the end of the week, I may have to bail and write my own events.

Rebuilding my imagination
I’ve taken to reading quite a bit lately. I’m thinking more about characters that I played, new characters I could play, and a part some forget how they would interact with others later. (I have to blog about that later). It’s re-establishing the sense of fantasy, the magic of the setting, characters, etc. All that opposed to some cookie cutter formulaic gaming that I think I was in with goals for the night and storylines, hooks, and plots.

What needs to be done this week?
Environment: I need to change my physical environment that means:
a) Cleaning: A proper workspace is needed. I have minis and books that can be boxed and put away.
b) Organizing: I need some materials to better organize my thoughts and ideas.
c) Redecorating: I need to get some old posters up. Things that had Inspired and gave Imagination.

Planning: I need to prepare for going out. As Cyrus mentioned, I need to have an agenda. I can’t have time lost talking about old times or online gaming. Additionally, the conversation needs to be progressing and positive; not a gripe or glory days discussion.


  1. Any idea on what you would run if the organize event falls though?

  2. I would run a 5th level Pathfinder event. I may possibly run it in Sandpoint or that area although I do like Dark Wood Vale.

  3. Vale's Good.

    RE Sandpoint: you have to be carefull to not run any spoilers for the ROTRL story arc.

    Maybe place it at the same time as the chopper, before ROTRL?