Sunday, October 4, 2009

What to do next?

When I put my current game on hiatus, I knew I had to get back to the basics. Being a business analyst / consultant, I knew my skills would be needed to put things back the way that I wanted them.

One of the best time management seminars I ever attended was “7 Habits of Highly Successful People”. To cut to the chase, you list out your goals. Each week, you work towards meeting the overall goals by accomplishing some type of related task. That’s easy enough. It simply requires discipline to do it. A trait though that I do not necessarily have but working towards getting better at it.

I told my players:
1) I would like to get out and meet up with different gamers.
2) I want to give something back to gaming and to be more gregarious.
3) I want to explore some new things and find new ideas.
4) I want to develop campaign setting things wherever it may be - Pathfinder setting or my own.
5) I want to study the game a bit more - try some new techniques, products, etc.

All that translates into:
1) Networking with gamers.
2) Be a more gregarious gamer.
3) Improve the gaming experience.
4) Build the castle from long ago and make it work for the players.
5) Use and review new products and ideas; make the game smoother.

Other components would be:
6) Be a better GM (add in more components)
7) Be a better player (find the game I want to play in)

I’ve already started pursing game-networking. I will be meeting up with some old friends later this month. Not as much to talk about old times, but what made gaming so good and how to do it again. Also, I will be attending MEPACON ( in November to see some old friends there, meet some new people, and look for new ideas. As part of that I have been working on Pathfinder Society. I would like to run some events to give back to the hobby that I love so much.

Already, I feel like I am making progress. By the end of this week along with some other blogs, I need to get this gaming room organized. By next week, I want to have some organized thoughts on campaign materials.

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  1. Great thoughts George. As you know I took a step back from fantasy gaming over a year ago, sticking to a weekly Star Wars game, and only recently returning to fantasy through my roots (video game RPG's). Honestly, outside gaming night, I've even had trouble getting into any pen and paper rpg's. I have wiki entries to edit, ships to build and paint, even new books to read through; yet I can't find the inspiration to do so. I'm glad to see you sharing your thoughts with the world. Hopefully it will give me some inspiration as well.